Master Planning

Urban regeneration projects, life improvement and a driver for growth.

Urban regeneration includes the investment of private and public cash into regions needing enduring improvement. Generally, there are three kinds of urban regeneration: 1. Economic  2. Environmental  3. Cultural/social  Various urban regeneration interventions are done for different purposes. Such as:  a) Improving the housing conditions to satisfy the residents’ basic shelter needs b) Making regions…

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Infrastructure spending for small rural clusters. Waste of public money or Social Value?

If you have read our recent blogs, you may know that previously we talked about how it is justified to spend ample money on infrastructure in rural clusters. Today we intend to talk more about it but from different perspectives. By seeing the role of rural clusters in driving rural development we presented the view…

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Is it worth the tag-price of infrastructure in small rural clusters?

Rural regions cover 75% of the European Union’s territory region and are clearly the foundation of Europe’s primary area. Nonetheless, they generally confront various huge difficulties, like low approach to business sectors, absence of infrastructure, the restricted scope of services, restricted job opportunities, labor provision, and a higher danger of deprivation and social prohibition. To…

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